Day 2


Been a long, long day. Everyone booked in the hotel, all fitted out with their ski equipment for tomorrow. All off to bed now, everyone up early at 6.45am for breakfast!

Day 2


Just a quick update, it’s currently 4am and we’ve made great time travelling crossing France, Belgium, Luxembourg and now Germany since leaving the ferry, we’re coming up to Stuttgart shortly. Everyone onboard the coaches is fast asleep, apart from the coach drivers of course who are swapping over every 4 hours to make sure we get there on time and most importantly we get there safely.

We’re due to arrive at the hotel at around 9am, from there we will unload all the bags and make our way quickly to the ski fit company not far from the hotel to get everyone their skis, ski boots and helmets for our first days skiing on Sunday. We’ll be up early on the Sunday after everyone has had a good nights sleep in their beds! These seats on the coaches have created a few grumpy faces after sitting in them for so long. Not far now!

The first day on the slopes makes the travelling worth every second!

I’ll be back in the morning with another update. The pictures and videos from the slopes will start Sunday!