Final Reminders

Final Reminders

Friday 15th February

  • Arrive at 8.00am prompt!  Do not be late!
  • Remember to wear your ski trip hoody.
  • The coaches are scheduled to depart at 08.30am.
  • On arrival at school, place your main luggage bag next to your coach.
  • Keep your hand luggage with you. DO NOT BOARD THE COACHES UNTIL TOLD TO DO SO.
  • REMEMBER to bring your pillow for the journey.
  • REMEMBER to pack a pair of ski socks in your hand luggage ready for our ski fit. On arrival in Austria, we will probably be going straight to the ski shop.
  • REMEMBER to bring a substantial packed lunch.
  • If you are prone to travel sickness, ensure you take any medication in plenty of time before we set off.
  • When the coaches have set off all spending monies (euros) must be handed into a member of staff. These MUST be in an envelope which has your name clearly marked on it.
  • Keep your English money and a small amount of Euros on you to use during our journey.
  • If you bring any DVD’s (certificate 15 or less) for us to watch on the coach journey please ensure that your name is clearly marked on them.


  • Chewing gum is banned !
  • Hot food and cans of drink will not be allowed on the coaches!
  • Any litter from your packed lunch MUST be placed in the litter bags provided!


  • Make sure you know which member of staff is your team leader.
  • Make sure you know which other students are members of your team.
  • After all stops on our journeys, report to your team leader at the time stated.
  • At the end of each day’s skiing, report to your team leader before departing from the ski slopes. Make sure you have all your equipment with you.


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