Day 10

How’s everyone feeling this morning?

A little tired this morning after our long journey home. We hope everyone had a lovely time and hopefully we’ve created some memories you’ll remember forever.

For anyone who would like a copy of the final video which was shown on the presentation night, you can now download the video via the link below. We can’t upload the video to YouTube because of the copyright issues on the music tracks.

This link will work better on a Desktop / Laptop computer due to the file size being so large:

2.8GB – Click Here to download (Sacred-Heart-Ski-Trip-2019.mp4)

The link will be active until the 28th June 2019.

Day 9

Just left Dover

We’ve just left Dover and making our way home. We’re making 2 stops along the way so we should be getting home around 2.30 – 3am. Just a little reminder to all parents, can you not park outside the school, the two coaches need room to park and unload all the luggage.

Day 9

Quick update!

We’ve been stuck at Calais for the last 6 hours after arriving early. We’re now booked on the 6pm ferry, fingers crossed!!

Day 9

Journey Home!

We left Austria at about 8pm last night and we’re currently about 5.30 hours away from Calais. The drivers are making great progress through the night, we just hope we can get an earlier ferry to Dover once we arrive at Calais.