Message to all parents

Dear parents,

I am aware of course that our ski trip party arrived back much later than anticipated over the weekend. Apart from that, I do hope that it went well from your point of view. In the circumstances, I am suggesting that the pupils on the trip start school at 11.20 tomorrow. It would be helpful if they could gather in Dining Hall please at that time for registration and then resume the day from lunch onward.

Mr ITP Walker

Day 10

Nearly home…

We are currently having our final driver stop at Norton Canes Services on the M6 toll road. Trade at the McDonald’s is roaring. Traffic and roadworks permitting, we should be back at Sacred Heart at 04.45am. Could we politely remind all parents to leave enough space for 2 coaches to park outside the school gates. We look forward to seeing you all soon.

Day 9

Just leaving Dover

We have finally arrived back in England and on our way back up to Crosby from Dover. Our current ETA at Sacred Heart is sometime between 04.30 and 05.00 depending upon traffic and roadworks.

Day 9

More delays

Very disappointingly, the situation at Calais in terms of delays is getting worse instead of better. On arrival at the P and O check-in we have just been informed that we will be on the 8.00pm ferry. This means our arrival time back at school will now be in the early hours of tomorrow morning. Once we arrive in Dover we will be able to give you a more accurate ETA at school. Please accept my apologies for a situation that is totally out of our control.

Mr Pete Burke – Team Leader

Day 9

Running late

Disappointingly, after arriving at the Port of Calais in plenty of time to catch our allocated ferry, we have just received the following message from P and O ferries. “Owing to very strong winds in the English Channel and docking restrictions at the port of Dover, we are currently experiencing lengthy delays on all of our crossings from Calais to Dover. We will do all we can to to try and improve the situation but please bear with us as we try to catch up on all delays bearing in mind it is half term and there are thousands of coaches using our services today as they bring home returning Ski Groups.”

Day 9

Back on track

Our engine problem has been repaired and we got back on the road at 02.30hrs German time. Thankfully, we are on schedule to catch the 14.10hrs ferry from Calais to Dover as planned.

Day 8

Safely stopped…

Unfortunately, one of our coaches has developed an engine problem. We are safely stopped at a Service station near Stuttgart waiting for a mechanic to come out. Good job we left 2 hours earlier. More updates as we get them.