Packing Guide

Ski Trip Packing Guide 2019

The following list may be used as a general packing guide.

Everyone will be expected to shower and change before the evening meal. Apres ski wear is usually very casual and warm clothes will be needed for any evening activities, such as bowling, held outdoors away from the hotel.

All items that might be needed during the course of the journey must be packed into one small bag and taken on to the coach as hand luggage. This should include a pair of ski socks as on arrival in resort we usually go straight to our ski fit for our boots and skis. As we will be travelling for a long period, it might be wise to put a small towel, soap, toothbrush and paste into the hand luggage.

Essential Ski Wear
3 pairs (minimum) ski socks
2 woollen jumpers/Sweatshirts
3 cotton polo-neck jumpers or cotton T-shirts/sports shirts
Thermal underwear – vests, long johns or woollen tights
Woollen hat and scarf
Ski gloves
Suncream, face cream and Lipsol

For the Journey
Travel sickness pills if required
Pillow or cushion (essential)
Small bag containing:-
Packed lunch/snacks
Drinks – plastic bottles (no cans)
Money for journey
iPod, mp3
Camera (inexpensive)
Small towel, toothbrush and toothpaste

Apres Ski Wear
3 pairs of jeans/cords/trousers
Girls – skirt/dress
6 pairs socks
2 pairs shoes/trainers
Plenty of underwear
Swimming costume/trunks

Toothbrush, toothpaste, comb/brush, soap, shampoo, deodorant
Towels – 1 bath and 1 hand
Shoes and trainers
Hairdryer with continental plug

Students are not allowed to bring the following items:-

Stereos with external speakers
Expensive cameras/personal music system*
Chewing gum

Insurance policy will not pay out for items over £200. Mobile phones are NOT covered at all.

Final Arrangements

Final Arrangements

Below is the itinerary of our skiing trip to Austria:

Friday, 15th February
Meet at Sacred Heart (08.00 hrs)
Leave Sacred Heart (08.30 hrs)
Depart Dover, Ferry (18.00 hrs)
Arrive in France and travel overnight

Saturday, 16th February
Arrive in Resort (10.30 hrs)

17th – 22nd February
Six days skiing

Friday, 22nd February
Leave Hotel and travel overnight (20.00 hrs)

Saturday, 23rd February
Depart Calais, Ferry (18.00 hrs)

Sunday, 24th February
Arrive Crosby (01.30 hrs)

The coaches will return to the Liverpool Road site on Sunday, 24th February at 01.30 hrs. This is an approximate time and all children will telephone from a motorway service area to confirm arrival time. Parents are asked not to park in front of the school gates as the returning coaches will need this area to park-up.

Luggage space on coaches is limited and, in the past, this has presented some problems. As both coaches have their full complement of passengers, it is essential that children only bring 1 medium sized holdall/or travel bag. No suitcases! A small bag is, of course, needed to take onto the coach as hand luggage.

Accommodation Details:-
Hotel Ennshof
Salitergasse 271
A-5541 Altenmarkt
Tel: 0043 6452 6073

Students should ensure that they have eaten a light meal before boarding the coach. Food can be purchased at a motorway service area and there will be further opportunities to eat on route. We will be stopping at regular intervals in Belgium and Germany, and it will be possible to buy food and drinks, but it may be wise to have a packed meal as the motorway services will be very crowded and can be quite expensive. Please ensure that your son/daughter has enough money (Euros and Sterling) for the journey.

Spending money should be changed into Euros. It needs to be in a clearly named envelope and will be collected from the students, for safe keeping, once the journey starts.

A medical consent and declaration form should be filled in with all relevant information and returned to school as soon as possible (no later than Friday, 26th January). If your son/daughter is taking medication at the time of travel, the medication should be clearly labelled and given to Mrs Hewlett. Spare inhalers should be given in. An ample first aid kit will be taken with us, but if your child is susceptible to travel sickness, please ensure that medication is taken at the correct time. (Some travel sickness pills need to be taken many hours before the journey begins.)

Mr Steve Langton has agreed to be contacted if an emergency occurs. He has the names, addresses and telephone numbers of the ski party and, in the unlikely event of something happening, she will contact you. Parents should not contact him unless a serious problem presents itself. If you do require some information or have any queries, please telephone 07754085982.

Austria is a long way from Crosby and it is only natural for parents to worry about their children’s welfare. I would like to assure you that your son/daughter will be well looked after and supervised at all times – on the slopes, at the hotel and in the evenings.

I would appreciate your co-operation in reminding your son/daughter about the importance of a high standard of behaviour at all times, especially as he/she will be acting as an ambassador for Sacred Heart, Merseyside and England. It is particularly important, for safety reasons, that they read the attached code of conduct and that they bring it with them to refer to whilst we are away. The code of conduct must be followed at all times and it is the students’ responsibility to ensure that they do so.

At our Information Evening in November, we spoke about our souvenir ski hoodies and their dual purpose – a) as a memento of the trip and b) for identification purposes on both our outward and return journeys. All students MUST wear their hoodies for both journeys.

Finally, anyone under 17 is not allowed to bring wines, spirits and cigarettes/tobacco into this country, therefore your son/daughter will not be able to bring back any of these as gifts. Your attention is also drawn to the enclosed ‘packing guide’.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Mr P.Burke
Ski Party Leader

Final Reminders

Final Reminders

Friday 15th February

  • Arrive at 8.00am prompt!  Do not be late!
  • Remember to wear your ski trip hoody.
  • The coaches are scheduled to depart at 08.30am.
  • On arrival at school, place your main luggage bag next to your coach.
  • Keep your hand luggage with you. DO NOT BOARD THE COACHES UNTIL TOLD TO DO SO.
  • REMEMBER to bring your pillow for the journey.
  • REMEMBER to pack a pair of ski socks in your hand luggage ready for our ski fit. On arrival in Austria, we will probably be going straight to the ski shop.
  • REMEMBER to bring a substantial packed lunch.
  • If you are prone to travel sickness, ensure you take any medication in plenty of time before we set off.
  • When the coaches have set off all spending monies (euros) must be handed into a member of staff. These MUST be in an envelope which has your name clearly marked on it.
  • Keep your English money and a small amount of Euros on you to use during our journey.
  • If you bring any DVD’s (certificate 15 or less) for us to watch on the coach journey please ensure that your name is clearly marked on them.


  • Chewing gum is banned !
  • Hot food and cans of drink will not be allowed on the coaches!
  • Any litter from your packed lunch MUST be placed in the litter bags provided!


  • Make sure you know which member of staff is your team leader.
  • Make sure you know which other students are members of your team.
  • After all stops on our journeys, report to your team leader at the time stated.
  • At the end of each day’s skiing, report to your team leader before departing from the ski slopes. Make sure you have all your equipment with you.


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Pre Trip

Altenmarkt, Austria

Conditions are looking pretty good in the “Salzburger Sportwelt”.

Here’s Mr Burke in action last year in his favourite Minions outfit.

Why not take a look at some of the slopes we’ll be skiing on by clicking on the following links:
Zauchensee – Click here to view webcam…
Eben – Click here to view webcam…
Altenmarkt Click here to view webcam

or download the Feratel app for FREE from the iTunes Store and Google Play depending on what device you have. Keep up to date with live images from the slopes and keep an eye on the weather conditions.

Pre Trip

Our route to Altenmarkt, Austria

Below is the itinerary of our skiing trip to Austria:

Friday, 15th February
Meet at Sacred Heart (08.00 hrs)
Leave Sacred Heart (08.30 hrs)
Depart Dover, Ferry (18.00 hrs)
Arrive in France and travel overnight

Saturday, 16th February
Arrive in Resort (10.30 hrs)

17th – 22nd February
Six days skiing